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100 days of a royalty.

Hi blog.
It’s been a while.
Last time I was here. I was pining for a soon-to-be married man.
Now, I’m telling you a story of amazement.
Amazing because we met at a very unusual way at a very weird time.
But if you some it up, it was perfect.

It’s already day 29 and i ‘m deciding to let him go.
I know I really should have a reason for it. But just like what others say, “everything has a reason. But sometimes, reasons are meant to be unknown.”


I’m _blogs b. With a man who’s getting married today, to someone else.

And i won’t trash that wedding. I’m not that girl.

The most heartbreaking moment of my life.

I don’t fall that easily.
Falling inlove in a spur of the moment isn’t me.
I’ve been to a 5year long relationship that ended a year ago.
That made me doubt love even more.
But last night, well,  last nIght changed everything.

I was at a club with my closest friends hoping to have a good time and enjoy my vacation.
At first, i was having fun but when the party starts to get a bit “heavy”, i sneaked out to the club’s rooftop for some fresh air and alone time.

I was staring at the stars when i heard a voice, surprisingly,  was talking to me.

"Do you know why stars are only seen in the night? Its because in the dark days of our lives, that’s where we need them the most. They guide us through these dark nights letting us realize that our tomorrow will be bright. That tomorrow will be better and tomorrow will be there, we just have to wait."

When i turned around,  i saw the most gray eyes i have ever seen. God, he’s handsome.  Damn it, i think I’m inlove. We talk for hours that night and i never thought I’ll be close to someone in just a few hours in my entire life,ever.

When i realized it’s almist 2am, he got up and offered his hand.

"It was nice meeting you."

I offered my hand and said “you too.”

he was about to leave when i realized that i need to see him again.

"hey! You haven’t told me your name yet." I shouted.

"It’s Dylan!"

"Oh okay."

He went back abd hugged me.
I was shocked.

"You are amazing.  I wish i would’ve met you sooner."

And he started to walk away.

"Do you want to have coffee tomorrow? " i shouted.

"I can’t" he shouted.

Before i can ask him for another time, a couple of guys appeared from the rooftop’s entrance door.

"Hey, man! What are you doing here?! What the hell is the bachelor’s party for when the groom is in the rooftop sulking? You’re getting married tomorrow for Christ’s sake! Have some fun tonight! "

I was so shocked.
he looked at me.
but i refused to be pitied.

I when straight to the door and before heading out, i looked back to him and said.

"It was nice meeting you, Dylan."

And i went out.

What a night.
I hope he’s happy now.

pleeeeaaase! FAVOR!!


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I can’t I can’t


I can’t I can’t

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