put your heart in my hands.


For preserving purposes. The moment of my life a met a wandering soul.

So, yes, i’m not writing this to attract people and other crazy shit. But i just want to preserve this lovely memory of a time in my life when i met an amazing wandering soul.

Exactly 47 days from now, was the day I met this strange creature.

At that day, i was in the verge of self-destructing and cursing this dark and cruel world.
I’m a musician. I play atleast 10 instruments and love music to bits. So, at the pluck of a certain string of guitar, from the very first note, i know the song. I knew it very well.

But what i didn’t expect was the voice that followed the strum of the guitar. It was a voice that seems so familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. A voice I’ve never heard before. It attracted me like a moth was attracted to a lamp. I followed the voice, listening carefully to be able to track the owner of that womderful voice.

And it lead me to a wandering soul. The soul looked different than his voice. But the expression on his face tells a parallel story with the voice he has. I stayed there for hours listening to the amazing voice. Like, it made realize why it didn’t work with anybody else.

So to fast forward things, at some point in time, we talked to each other. I greet him almost everyday Goodmorning and Goodnight. Send him jokes and stuff. It made realize that the reason i was attracted a lot was, i, too, am a wandering soul. That we’re like a boy/girl version of each other. Like, we’re each other’s mirrors.

But that’s the point. We’re parallel lines. No matter how much we are the same, just like, parallel lines, we will never meet.

Maybe when i’m ready, i’ll post some happy memories with him. But now that i’m starting to let go, maybe this is what i need. A closure letter written and published for the world to see hoping you’ll see this. This is my Point of View. Why we clicked and why it didn’t work out.

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I can’t I can’t


I can’t I can’t

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